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Date Posted:02-05-2020 01:46:26Copy HTML

The Jewish USA Administrator & Military Too Stupid, Do Not Know How To Play The Game

Dump fuk, bunch of idiots!
I do not even care if they are in the real war or just plain orchestra behind.
If it the real war, then they are stupid.
If it was a orchestra then they are the most dump beings in the universe, for who the hex are they listening/following. No matter what beings/entities, all all of them have way lower level than me the savior Messiah. If do not trust that, just setup a fight with the DIVINE referee and fighting in spirit field, I would destroy them all.

I have just browsing and see the Jewish talk a lot about the Messiah.
But where is the online platform. If they think the “Messiah” will appear in front of their own eyes in real life, then they better kill themselves for their stupid !!!

The rich money people do not give a dam fuk about the poor money people.
Do you think the rich knowledge power Messiah give a dam fuk about the poor knowledge people like you guys ?! No, because no benefit.
But now you guys thinking creating catastrophe and chaos will make him appear in front of your eyes, too idiots.

Remember the first lesson in the Bible which is the world created by thought/mind.
Which mean me the Messiah can create and/or go to any world even the once you guys are trying to create at will.

Back to the current Earth geopolitical affair.
The USA nation is the battle ground for the Jew, China,Europe, etc.

The Jew with low resources (no gold), so they must ask and listen to the Messiah instead of keep fighting till dead with the Asian, that is not a match you can win with your current resources idiots !!!

With the corona virus NCOV outbreak,they can destroy the out-date Chinese Communism Party.
But no,they only blaming !!!

They could easily tell the public about the need of a better fair economic financial system.

They could easily tell the 5G Network contribute to the virus outbreak at some extent. Remember it is always combination of factor result to human illness/dead but not a single one reason. Even the wifi is bad of human body (scientific confirmed), so the 5G network must bad too depend on the distance.

They could easily tell the public that the end for the CCP is near, they are out-date. The globalist system was designed for weak people, for the animals like, but human are have God’s potential, so that system will must down, and the virus event is showing that big flaw and out-date !!!

Of course I have a perfect new international economic system can totally destroy the globalist system like the CCP, and because that is too dangerous too that why I have not yet reveal it public online and still waiting for the authority to wake up and open their mouth.

In conclusion, the root problem was the financial system because of the clash of culture and traditional, the way of living in each region.

You are living and fighting for your own survival but not for God or any beings !
If you do not know how to solve the problem, then the smart way is seeking help from “smarter, higher level” beings.

The more time pass, the more catastrophe will appear on Earth just like like the blood bleeding if you are trying to push/carry heavy stuffs.

I am tired of waiting already, I have said many times that no offering no help even if the offering come after the solution presented, but you guys must open freaking your mouth.

I do not think like you, I do not live like you, I do not want to go inside your mind for it is forbidden, I just want to solve the problem using normal mortal human activities and the way of thinking.

Stop living like lazy people who think the “rich” will come and help them.
Life is similar but not like the pyramid !

Stop eating, go fasting just like the Ramadan to increase your intelligence !

Will is happen before the year 5780 or before September 2020, it all depend on when you open your mouth and ask the Savior Messiah at or not.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Saoshyant Whatever-Name

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