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Date Posted:25-06-2020 08:54:25Copy HTML

The IMF Organization Is The Root Problems Of Almost Every Chaos You Are Seeing In Life

The International Monetary Financial system is the root of everything you are seeing in life such as virus pandemic, protesters, physical weapon war about natural resources, etc.

The only benefit of that IMF is allow people to buy everything as they want globally as long as they have “money" or “credit point” in just your own country. You can say that is a giant Babylon system with only 1 positive benefit but endless troubles.

The IMF is basically a system where nations trading with nations only, the people do not have their voice, because the organization who are setting the currency rate is each national government, but not via customers or by just basic supply/demand rule.

The economic trade war between nations cannot happen without the IMF.

- The USA and the West cannot have their trade deficit with the East if they just remove their minimum wage rule or have some new IMF rule like trade deficit limit.

- The North Korea, Iran, Syria, Russia, etc. cannot have the so called sanctioned by the US where they cannot have normal trade with the rest if not because of the IMF.

- Almost all national governments are treating their citizen like slaves and want in power as long as possible. They just need got money from corruption in just their own nation but still able to buy any goods around the world.

That list is endless.

So what if life without the IMF but only nations trading with nations without any restriction or rules:
- Then all the problems will gone including the trade war, virus pandemic, migration crisis as well.
- People can only able to goods from other nations with some restriction rule depend on each nation requirements such as only cash accepted.

Now because of the IMF, everything every nations is connect with each other especially through trade, so which mean you cannot suddenly remove the IMF.

And the only working solution is to have a brand new international financial system with fairer, different rules and one by one nation will join the new system, but around 50% nations still remaining the old system. And the trading connection between the new and old system, the currency rate will decided by the people, no real cash no buying goods.

It is all about the inflation rate in each nation, you cannot printing endless money and float around the world and manipulate the naive people anymore.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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