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Date Posted:14-08-2020 04:36:36Copy HTML

The Grand Master Formula 1 Racing Strategy Textbook Written By The Savior

For the formula 1 fan and drivers, it always bad when you can predict the winner before the race has started. So today I decide to give you something very interesting: a grand master F1 racing strategy textbook which give you much more insight about the game.

If you want to win the game, you cannot follow the top. But sadly many “bottom” team/drivers do not know that basic words, that’s lead to many boring F1 races.

In my view, all cars and drivers have equal chance to win the race despite of the 1-2 second gap per lap many of you are seeing.

There are 4 elements in Formula1 racing:
1. Cars.
2. Weather.
3. Wheel Tyres.

4. Driver.

Fact1: Cars
There is nothing to talk about for they are fixed made by each team. Drivers cannot do anything rather than “merge” with the car by feeling.

Fact 2: Weather
You cannot change the weather, you can only study and adapt.

Fact3: Wheel Tyres
Tyres are the “neutral” element between the cars and weather.
You do not need to have apit stop unless your Tyres are broken so badly.

Do you know when the Tyres are running/wearing out fastest?
When you run with high speed and/or the weather hot.
If you run with“low” speed, the Tyres will be much better and you need less pit stop.

Fact 4: Driver
A good driver is the one know how to merge with the car and how to put it to the limit point without breaking it. But most do not know that, they only running as fast as possible in the straight line and as low in the narrow corner.

There are only 2 strategies in F1 racing:
- Strategy designed for the fast car.
- And another one designed for the “slower” car.

Most if not all team/driver are using the strategy design for the fast car which is 2 pit stop and run as fast as possible.

But they do not know the exist of another strategy, which design for “slower” cars:
- 1 pit, 2 hard Tyres in hot climate. In “cold” climate: 1 hard + 1medium Tyres.
- No DRS in the first half of the race, only DRS in the second half.
The yellow flag can happen anytime so using DRS to gain advantage will be worthless and the Tyres will run out very fast.

I do not understand why many bottom cars/team was using pit stop at the same time or even before the “fast” car, that do not make any sense unless they are got paid to “acting”.

That is just the basic strategy textbook.
If you want to on top of the game, you must “merge” with the car.

Driving or racing is just like playing piano.
There are many corners and few straight line.
All you need to do it find the right “rhythm” match with your car and the track you are running in.
Every car no matter how fast or slow have the same equal chance to win, because the right “rhythm” are not the same.

When you are running fast, you will need to slow down sooner than the car running slower.
When your speed is low you need more time to gain to the top speed.
So racing is not just the battle who have the top speed on the easy straight line, but it is also the battle of who can have keep the “low speed” with the lowest time during the race.

Remember the average speed is around 200 – 230 km per hour, and all cars can easily run to 300 km per hour.

In order to find the right “rhythm” of each track, the driver must “merge” with the car and use their brain. And there are many tricks to do that, but they must find on your own. Changing your diet and lifestyle is one of them.

Everybody have their own opinion about the races.

The only truth apply to all sports competitions is that if you only “copy” the top, you cannot win the game. You must discover and do your own things will give you more chance to become the champion.

Best of luck to all.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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Re:The Grand Master Formula 1 Racing Strategy Textbook Written By The Savior

Date Posted:08-09-2020 09:37:16Copy HTML

Did you see the miracle just happened in Italia F1 Race?! It only took 2 races or around 3 week to confirm see the savior's miracle. So a team took my advice won the race. But the most crazy thing is that they are the bottom 5 slowest car ! What is the odd for that happen? I do not think you can win a race where the top and the bottom car have 20-30 km/h speed difference by normal racing. "Every car no matter fast or slow have equal chance to win" ! "Luck" is an ability !
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