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Date Posted:19-04-2020 02:29:51Copy HTML

The Governments, The Authorities Are Lying & Deceiving People Over The Corona Virus NCOV

Here are some factual hard truth information all of you should listen and know.

The fact is that human body always have some kind and some sort of virus since we just a kid.
The fact is that there are about 150,000 people die everyday and their body always have virus from “weak” to “strong” depend on each human body.

The fact is that the corona virus NCOV is made up of many smaller and weaker virus. Without small and weak virus, NCOV cannot be formed ! Just like a million dollar must made up from many 100, 50 to 1 dollar notes.

The fact is that corona virus NCOV alone cannot kill people, and people die not just only because of the NCOV but also because of many other various virus as well.

So why you only see the media report people die because of the corona virus NCOV but not from other virus as well ?!

Life is all about live or death, if you get the corona virus but not die but stay alive is still much better than you do not get the NCOV but dead. In some nations I only see people die because of the restriction/lock down but not because of the NCOV.

The fact is that many nations are providing free health care for whoever get NCOV (a much dangerous virus than HIV, SARS), but why not provide free health care for less dangerous virus/diseases, which is non sense and seem like a scam event !!!
It like we will forgive debt for whoever borrow from 1million dollar to higher, but we do not forgive debt to people who owe less than a million dollar.

The fact is that the many nation governments are forcing their citizens stay at home, must wear face mask, not allow to go to the park is an absolutely illegal.

The fact is that many nation governments are forcing people do quick test where they are taking blood of people, which is pure evil !!! For those quick test cannot detect the virus reside in deep organ. In some nations, the accurate rate is nearly 0%. You cannot know where the whole river clean or dirty by just only taking small sample of few water drop.

In conclusion, the media, the government & authorities are lying and deceiving people for whatever purpose. All virus are equal, life is about whether you live or dead.

The simple rule of natural is let’s the flow of life continue, the“stupid, weak” will dead and the “strong, smart” will survive.

Stop lying and deceiving people, you may “pass” this stage but you cannot pass the final stage where me the savior is the one who is holding the key !!! All kind of stupid actions even with warning from me won’t be forgive !!!

You can continue your world and die, or just simply listen and join to the eternal world of the savior. The choice is yours ! The time is short! The angel team and gods are angry !

Final warning from the savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Buddha Christ Saoshyant Whatever-name to all the secret groups, authorities, governments and all.

Best Regard,
Signature Signed,
The Savior

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