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Date Posted:29-06-2020 01:25:08Copy HTML

The Global Currency Reset Is In Fact A Great World Currency Evolution

There was and are a lot of talking about the global currency reset and a real life sign is some crazy events you guys are witnessing.

The last significant currency evolution is was an upgrade from using physical silver, gold to fiat paper money. And the next correct currency evolution must be the one can easily defeat both the physical gold and fiat paper money such as the US dollar, Euro.

It cannot be what so called gold-backed money paper with technology for at the end of the day they are just a promised and if a real touch physical gold system will easily beat it, let’s alone some potential crazy problem like database was lost, electric lost somehow.

Do you know what is a weakness of the past physical Gold and the current fiat money paper?
The answer is that it was only backed and guaranteed by just one government. The currency rate was set by one government based on random factors.

The important keywords you should know must be “corruption” and “inflation”.
Because that is the major problems for any government from many thousand years ago till today.

The corruption come from weak law/rule “no one above government”, if the authority tell you area criminal then you are a criminal, you are clean & clear which mean you are clean & clear even though you can be a most dangerous one.

The inflation come from “sudden wealth”,and have direct connect with corruption, when you have too much money and want to show off with others. If you are rich money people andyour wealth come from hard work, then you cannot spend too much money above the market price.

The next world currency evolution must be around that important problems: corruption and inflation.

In the previous post, I have presented and gave you guys an example of that new financial system:
- It is going to give people another safe place to report corruption from your own government, a great scary tactic on paper alone.
- It going to end all kind of currency manipulation because your product your money currency value will be decided by your opponents based on inflation rate (the most fair number to tell the stable of any national economy).
- It is going to end all kind of physical weapon war you guys are seeing such as Syria, East Asia Sea, Land & Natural Asset Grabbing War, etc.because the new war is a group of nations against many group of nations, but not a single nation against the rest any more. So all kind of harmful and un-human activities can cause you big troubles to find your ally.
- It is going to create a lot of new jobs with new teaching. The current education and life system are crap, only teach and tell people that you can only have money when you study to get education degrees, a totally lack of creative.
- It is going to create a total new world with better fairer life for most people.

The only bad news is that only nations within top 50 of GDP and top 50 of world population is allowed to join the new system, the “small” nations must continue the current system.

So you should not call Global Currency Reset any more, but instead change it to Global Currency Evolution instead. And the only real correct global currency evolution must be the one I am presenting.

To all the exiles, elders, groups: do not forget to receive my permission before using my special strategy and solutions.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Maitreya Buddha Whatever-Name

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