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Date Posted:13-09-2020 01:30:50Copy HTML

The Future Of Energy Industry Is Magic Fusion Clean Coal, Not Renewables

Do you know coal is a real energy gold?!
And many nations such as USA, China are sitting on that treasure gold without knowing it, they are fighting for the lower level oil, petrol, gas, how funny and stupid.

But that is the future of my vision, my knowledge, my world.
In hand of gods, the “worst” in mortal human eyes can easily turn out to be the “best” one.

Many world leaders are picking the future of energy industry is renewable such as solar, wind.
But they are the wrong choice in a dead world.
It is going to cause natural catastrophe disaster for sure.
Just look at China, Korea after about 1 years of 5G network installed.
Record rain,floods, typhoon never seen before !

My pick for the future of world energy industry is coal, but not the raw burning coal all of you are doing.

With the “correct” formula and ingredients, you can easily turn 1 pound of raw coal become 5-10 pound of oil/gas or a new “cleaner better” energy source, and even more than that.

Many of you make say I am dreaming,lying and not real.
OK, if you ask people back 500 years about whether humans can have an airplane to travel across the world, they would laugh and said the same things just like my statement about energy industry.

If you ask me a question related about that magic formula fusion coal, then my answer is that you can continue to pay a lot of money for those stupid scientist, world leaders and wait for the result of better world, I am not receiving anything so I do not have a duty to help you guys for free of charge.

It is not about the money, it is about the divine rule of free will real life experience.
If you guys do not open your house door, I am not allowed to come in even though I can easily destroy the wall door.

I can reveal something about the future of that magic fusion coal: you must do it without the help of technology or related, because you are trying to find new energy source to turn into electric while the technology using electrical ready.

That magic coal formula will just like the sun,the moon, which is the fact of life and beyond technology, science can explain !
Everything "hard" to accomplish so it takes more time, resources and will power, but the "reward" will be beyond you can dream of.

My deadline is still till 15-09-2020 September 15th 2020 at forum
After that timeline, the natural disaster apocalypse will come.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Saoshyant Buddha Whatever-Name

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