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Date Posted:30-04-2020 01:07:32Copy HTML

The Flaws, Loopholes Of The Current Out-Dated International Financial System In 2020

The battle for the new financial system is reaching to highest level.
And now let’s look at the flaws, loopholes, mistakes of the current international financial system.

1. Insert Money Into The System
The most headache and flaw of all is this one.
There are only 2 type of insert which are via physical asset like Gold or via knowledge,mindset, thought.
How much money have printed in each nation? The people do not know, a big flaw !

If use Gold then as long as you have Gold, you can insert money into the system, there is nothing to talk here.

About thought/mindset/knowledge, now it most decided by the Government but not by the people, which is a stupid loophole !
The most fair way by using this method is giving out people equally money either every month or year at the “smart” level and quantity. But this method still have some flaw because of so call secret groups/societies who are living like animals instead of like a Gods.

The only balance way is to have a system where both “gold” and “knowledge mindset” coexist, so no body can control the system at absolutely way like the current system.

2. The paper money design
Many nations are abusing this one to cheat the whole life system at spiritual level.
The international money note design must be agreed by all nations but cannot be decided just by a single nation.

3. Lack of minimum lowest base money note
When you compare 2 money currency rate, where is the hex lowest base number in each currency.
Nobody know, so it is very hard and impossible to decide the rate and value of each currency.
Now the rate is basically controlled by the Gold holder, but not by the people, which is a flaw !

What is the most value asset?
Not the Gold, but they are real people.
So the most fair way is put a cap of total money each nation can print per person.

That is just some sign and signal from the savior Messiah. I do not want to tell everything publicly like this.

I have a perfect financial system can last thousand years if not forever at the most fair and funny way. But I cannot tell everything yet for the people and government do not ready and do not want it yet, many are prefer fighting till dead over listening to live.

If any of you who from secret groups behind the current system want to talk and discuss more then go to

Best Regard,
The Savior

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