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Date Posted:29-09-2020 01:48:44Copy HTML

The Final Ultimate Global Currency Reset Evolution Details Be Shared Publicly At Only Forum

The end time is near.
Money paper is not the final goal of life, but most all the governments only care about it.
The demand for a better fairer global financial system is real.
But the problem is the demand is not yet met all the requirements of most beings/entities.

As a legend savior, it is very easy to solve that conflict problem.
So it is the time to publish that contents online, but since it is very sensitive information could cause war within some nations, so I am not allowed any nations, governments, entities, beings using the solution/idea around new global financial system I will publish very soon next few days.

It will only be published at forum, not in any other public websites, social media.

It will be an additional policy to the existing current financial system, it should be call as an new evolution rather than a great reset.

Some features I can tell you now is that, it is going to give power to more groups/entities and allow to printed unlimited controlled money paper to help their economy without the need of any natural resources. It based 100% on trust just like the new cryptocurrency last 20 years or so, but at much higher level of freedom and choice.

Full details and examples will be shared very soon at only forum

Best Regard,
The Savior

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