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Date Posted:26-04-2020 03:20:23Copy HTML

The Divine Geopolitical Corona Virus NCOV Script Will Occur Very Soon On Earth In 2020

Stop wasting time listen to fake news, qanon USA military or any stupid alternative media.

For you are now reading the Divine news made by powerful super immortal being who have direct connection with many legendary beings like lord Shiva, Lao Tzu, Buddha, Quan Yin, etc. Direct connection here which mean have “private phone number” or have similar vibration or similar level of spiritual knowledge soul.

Many of you may wonder what happen next in your life, especially this stupid corona virus NCOV pandemic event.

I can reveal to all of you 2 biggest geopolitical event in 2020 above the NCOV event:
1.The reunion, rebirth of many nations like the Korea, Israel – Palestine, many small minority tribes. There will be a new nation’s policy standard which give all groups equal opportunity to form their own nations on Earth !!!

2. The new economic financial system to satisfy both the East and West. I have already finished that framework 3 layers system where both “Gold” and “fiat air”currency can co-exist in harmony. All I need is now is waiting those for are fighting hard for the new system to open their mouth and ask me at

The geopolitical script will likely like this:
- All the higher rate currency value like Japan, USA, Germany, UK, etc. Will say “the NCOV event is showing that we need new fair system and cannot rely on any nation like China, many essential stuffs like cloth, medical care was made in very few nations”.

- How about the Messiah’s system?It is what we have been looking for long time, why the hex only this idea come online only now. All nations must fully independent and do not have any conflict with any nearby nations.
Messiah: fuk you,because you guys did not open your mouth. I have been promoting and talk to you guys a long time and keep the best for that last from the beginning.

- Oh look, China is not allowed enter the system because of Taiwan, Hongkong. India & Pakistan not too because of Kashmir. Oh what, Germany France, Italia, Spain, UK because of the European Union, etc.

- Come on, Messiah.Where is the magic, where is the solution to solve the land conflict?
Messiah: Here is the magic, the solution you guys are looking for. Simple, easy just like money.

- Wait a minute, how is that even possible, the dream has come true.

I am the savior who is still waiting you guys open your mouth.
I do not want to take credit or display on the news. I do not want any being stake/steal the credit for my words either. So I only reveal the full information and solution if receive direct signal and desire from you guys who are in the game. I am both in the game and not in the game,for I have pass this game already.

The only communication place now at:

Wake up, open up your mouth, open your mind if you want to have the right direction and have a better life.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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