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Date Posted:12-04-2020 09:03:07Copy HTML

The Divine Connection Between God In The Bible & The Savior Messiah

It is time for some eternal divine knowledge some people was and are waiting for.

Every beings have two parts:
- 1 is unseen untouchable spirit which many of you are calling as soul.
- 2 is seen touchable physical material like body.

Both part have their own level of ranking.
-The ranking in unseen spirit base on level of knowledge and wisdom of that soul base on Grand Universe knowledge metric. It is about mind and thought.
- While the ranking on physical material are what many of you can be seen with your physical eyes like ability to fly,to teleport, to do this that, etc.

So when you compare 2beings, the divine way to compare is by using unseen spirit level.
Because everything must begin with thought and idea.

In each world each planet have their own laws set by the creator.

But current laws on planet Earth many of you are living is the same.

Asa real authentic Messiah, I can tell you that my spirit part level on the same par with the God in the Bible. But I am smart enough to not yet active any super abilities just to have permission to help you guys.

Do you know on Earth now there are many hidden beings with super abilities like fly, do this do that but not allowed to display it and interfere the public affair?!

And if you smart enough you must know what I am talking about.

Do some research and ask few questions related to the corona virus NCOV:

- Who is the first talk about stay at home strategy?
- Who is the first talk about drug made by artificial chemicals in lab house do not work? But you must using natural material and back with nature.

Which then later was confirmed and verified like what you are seeing with your own eyes.

The China is temporary saved by traditional medicines made by plants !
The USA have confirmed all the methods they have known in lab house do not work on this virus !
The many nations are using the stay at home strategy !

That is showing the level of thought and mind set.

In conclusion,you guys must listen to me the savior Messiah if you want to win this battle against this dangerous virus NCOV. While the God in the Bible cannot appear, meet face to face and save you guys. Because that is the rule of the game !!!

If you guys only waiting for the science and experts to discover everything about this virus, you guy sonly have all gone till that point !

Wake up, open up your mindset before too late !!!

Best Regard,
The Savior

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