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Date Posted:05-05-2021 04:37:21Copy HTML

The Current Whole Cryptocurrency System Are Rubbish, Easy To Hack And Steal Coins

The current cryptocurrency system is bullshit, rubbish and still in the introduction stage.
All kind of digital currency in order to able to use and adopt by the mass must have 2 features: speed and security.

But let's look at the current whole cryptocurrency system.
It takes a lot of time for an transactions with high fees.

All cryptocurrency wallet can be easily hacked, all you need is "private key" (most do not even required public address).
So if you have super computer (some secret group does), you can mass "guess" and insert private key random (the length of private key even fixed).

I am not surprised if in near future, some "insider hackers" "stole" big coins in the media. (all of them are insider jobs, for there were no hackers in the first place !)

Like I have said it was giveaways money for the public rather than actual using. But some stupid people won't get if they do not control the technology by themselves !

Soon, many cryptocurrency must "upgrade" and even have a unique format agreement with each others.

For now, it act like a ponzi casino, not technology of the future !

Best Regard,
The Savior

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