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Date Posted:17-06-2020 03:55:07Copy HTML

The Current International Economic Financial System Is Out-Dated, Wrong At The Beginning

What is a money paper?
It is a trust paper between people. It is not a goods.

But the current financial system are treating those money paper as a product/goods, that is the root of all problems.

What is more value between human and gold?
It must be human. But do you know that they are using gold to insert money into the current financial system but not base on population. Do you know that all kind of natural resources companies are required gold in order to buy their shares.

Who are deciding the paper money rate between nations?
The Government (just a small group of people).
Remember paper money is a trust between all the people, not just and cannot be decided by the Government, a big flaws.

Overall, the current international financial system are flaws at the start. It must be change now.
Each people have their own believe, own judgement about how it should be changed.

I am here just to give you 3 options to you guys to consider. There are 2 way of control rate: manual by the people or automatic via an agreement formula.

Solution 1:
All the money rates between nations will based on the inflation rate of staple foods such as rice, wheat, bean produced by their own nation. All will start at the rate of 1:1.

Solution 2:
The money rates will be changed only when real products/services is provided. All kind of buy/sell money currency or any not-approved activities like digital products won’t affect the money rate.

Solution 3:
All nations will have the same money issued limit per person. The governments stay away from the money rates. Let’s the market decide via commercial bank and the people.

Each nations can ban or restrict the flow of foreign currency within their nations, and should only focus on their own nation.

That is the way to go, there is no any other working solutions beside those 3.

If you want to use any above solution/strategy, you must get the permission from me the Savior.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Buddha Whatever-Name

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