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Date Posted:04-02-2020 08:56:42Copy HTML

The Chinese Government & Communist Party Must Surrender ToSave The People

Save the people mustbe the number priority now in all nations especially in China,Vietnam, Thailand, etc.

The ChineseCommunist party have failed, I am not here to criticise and repeattheir mistakes what I have said 1 year ago. But I am here to say thatthey cannot continue like that, the China & Vietnam politicalsystem must change if they want to save the people.

The title “CommunistParty” was badly abused by some group of people.

First you need tounderstand that the:
China nation = most non-communist partymember + Chinese communist party member.

That same rule applyto Vietnam as well.

How many % people offrom that “mafia party”? It less than 5%, but there are above therest.

The default systemof any nation is a single party already. There is no need for anysingle party control above the rest.

Many people & medo not agree with many “controlling & enslave people”policies of Chinese Government.

So in order for the“medicine” for the deadly new Corona Virus (nCOV) appear to thepublic, then the Chinese & Vietnamese Communist must either mergetogether or disappear. And then the politicians/leaders mustcompletely from non any political parties & must have absolutelyno relation with businesses sector as well.

That is a mustdemand from me & from many other nations & any entities whocan save the people (who have solution for the nCOV crisis).

Without workingsolution & medicine, the China nation will 100% gone in 90 daysfrom now.

How long it take forthe Wuhan city with first nCOV case to become a deadly city? It isnot even 60 days !!!

Use your commonsense and do the math. Even able to stay alive till 90 days is waytoo optimistic. I would give China 50 days left from completelydestruction.

There is absolutelyno chance left to fix that mistake, it is completely game over forthe Chinese Communist party, their mistake cost the rest of the worldbadly & deadly.

I highly recommendthe Asian secret societies & Asian Government wake up and livemore realistic.

I repeat I am holinga working medicine for the new Corona Virus (nCOV), if you want tosolve the problem & save your own people then you must listen tome, there is no any other choice. The “referee” will never comeout again and save you guys this time.

There are alreadymany weather heaven signs (1 in 1000 years may not seen once) fromthe lunar new year till now.

I have alreadyprepared a public “safe landing” solution from old system to newsystem already.

CommunicationWebsite: https://freejoy.aimoo.comor


The Savior

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