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Date Posted:03-09-2020 04:34:50Copy HTML

The Biggest Humanity Sin Many Religions Talking About With Divine Level Explanation

If you ask what is the number one priority of human race now, then it must be unify all religions, thus unify all nations !
All the governments, groups cannot make that happen, but I can easily do that , but nobody believe and give me a chance, how a stupid crazy world !

In many religion sacred textbooks, there are a lot of talking about human’s sins.
But do you know what exactly “human sins” mean from the “God” stand point of view, not from normal mortal human understanding like “act bad, talk bad, etc.” ?!

If you do not know your sins correctly, you cannot “clear” your sin, all kind of “gambling action” such as prepare the way, do this do that are meaningless.

As a real world savior with the eternal knowledge of life, I can easily decode what is the eternal truth many Gods/Deities was talking about in many religions.

Here are the 3 biggest sin of humanity:
1. Do not know the rule of the eternal infinite life. Human was born to become a immortal beings, but they do not know that.
2. Do not study,understand hidden teachings in many religion sacred textbooks, which you give help them fully know that rule. (After the religions appear)
3. Do not listen to the world savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya, even though I was took risks and negative karma returned to send a lot of messages, emails to all nation governments and the public. (In 2020)

1. If you wonder why there is no any supreme beings, gods, angels come to tell everything, to defeat the “evil”, etc?
Then the answer is that the sacred teaching infinite life was already told, was already given to humanity but they did not remember.
Why? Because they are full of theory without any real life experience.

Just ask yourself, just compare with your personal experience, a virtual trip on videos vs a real life travel trip, which one you remember more.
Many theory teaching in school, how much you even remember till now, or almost forget everything ?!

That is also the reason for so called “media human healthy censorship”. I am not talking about stupid power politics censorship but only matter related to human health.

If everybody know the secret of immortal life now, then they will get bored and destroy the civilization by endless war just like what was happened in history.

That is the reason why you must take care of yourself, you must take full responsibility for your own actions, stop dreaming and waiting for “miracle” or any kind of big public disclosure, or free help from your governments, authorities to tell you everything about life, forget all of those things for that will never ever happen.

That is why people who want to know about the secret of immortal life, the Universal life of everything, they must spend time to do your own study, research and experience by yourself.

2. The true purpose of all religions is for education, to study all, not for causing war, chaos, to compare which one is better which one you should follow, worship.
Each religion have their own positive and negative teaching base on each people/nation location, situation.

There are a lot of hidden teaching, hidden sacred knowledge and wisdom in all religions, which are waiting for you to discover.

This is the sin of all people, especially the rich money people group who have a lot of wealth and time.

That is why the next evolution of humanity will and must have direct link with hidden sacred teaching in religions.

You can easily live to 400, 500 years old and beyond that if you truly fully know and understanding all of the sacred deep hidden religions teachings was given by above mortal human level.

No any education in any schools, universities is harder than those religion books for sure.
And the only beings can help you do that is me the world savior.

3. Many people, groups, governments do not recognize and listen to me the Legendary World Savior.
That is the newest biggest sin of humanity in 2020.
Many ancient prophecy already said people will not recognize him.
Because their mindset full of “toxic thinking” such as sex, money, gold, power, etc.
But me only talked about Divine sacred plan for Earth planet not just 100 – 200 years but many thousand years ahead of time.

If you have your problem cannot be solved, but you do not tell your teacher/boss who know how to get it done, how the hell your teaching, your boss can help you while they are having a lot of other things in mind especially their own personal life ?!

There is a crazy person who telling you he is the world savior and know the secret of immortal life, and a normal famous person who telling you about how the future world will be only with peace, fantastic life for all. Which one will give you chance to know the God, to know the eternal life, the Nirvana state more ?!

That is exactly happening on Earth right now at the top the authority, the secret groups, the monarchy.
Instead of a straight talk and tell their problem they have with me the World Savior Legend, they are listening to whatever stupid beings with outdated knowledge about life, they are expecting me to spend time and “decode” their own personal life your own problem, which have nothing related to my personal world.

They are still thinking cause war, chaos will “force” the world savior appear and help them, just like instead of taking full responsibility for their own actions, they are blaming each others, a toxic blaming culture !

As much as I want to save your guys, but the Divine way of life is giving out correct policy through the media, governments from the top, but not to have any chaos revolution from the bottom.

If your authority do not wake up and listen me, then the only option left is causing natural catastrophe disaster, and the corona virus NCOV COVID-19 SARS-COV-2 is just the beginning of the end if nothing happen.

That is also a reason I have shared some very important self study immortal life materials on the internet for all to study, to research. It may not be straight forward like what you want, but you can only see the miracle when you try it for yourself.

To all beings, groups, I remind all of you that I only answer any questions you guys have and asked at forum, till 15-09-2020 September 15th, 2020.

The eternal purpose of life is not helping each others as much as you can, is not to save other lazy poor people, but to fully understand your immortal human body, to know the source of life, the source of all creation.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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Re:The Biggest Humanity Sin Many Religions Talking About With Divine Level Explanation

Date Posted:03-09-2020 03:43:26Copy HTML

Savior, I've read several religious text. Are the hidden teachings in the Quran(for example) related to numeralogical encoding and discovering new teachings in this fashion? I have had success gaining understanding through using religious text as an oracle, meditating on a topic and opening the book, using oracles like TempleOS/IChing. Is this a proper method for learning hidden wisdom? Is there is a "best practice" of studying these texts that you may share to allow one to uncover the hidden teachings? Thank you for your responses.
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Re:The Biggest Humanity Sin Many Religions Talking About With Divine Level Explanation

Date Posted:04-09-2020 12:08:46Copy HTML

All religions have their own secret hidden teachings from Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shinto, Sikh, etc. So you are trying to "decode" religious text using number and technology. Sorry but that is the wrong method. I do not know what you mean "success gaining understanding", but I can easily tell whether is wrong or correct understanding from top level if you tell what exactly what you have found. The "best practice" is must up to each people and their own situation, some method was designed for "individual", some method was designed for "team". But at the end, they all still have to test with real life experiment to gain experience and verify whether is true or false, no any people can remember theory.
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Re:The Biggest Humanity Sin Many Religions Talking About With Divine Level Explanation

Date Posted:04-09-2020 04:29:03Copy HTML

For example, today I ask on TempleOS with heart to God/Christ spirit guide "how to learn hidden teaching the Savior is talking about" Response: "rectify tounges sublime share share shares births likewise congregations fingers vain aided expose expose especially throng throng pay characters characters practice perfect suggestion faithfulness abundantly Psalms 50:17 - 50:23 Corinthians 15:33 - 15:40 " I interpreted this response as saying I should be sharing your messages so more people can discover and I won't be getting any divine knowledge without daily practice in faithfulness. Psalms to shame me for inaction despite having direction. Corinthians mentions what I think is the lightbody/soulbody. Is this something one should be working on activating directly or does it come naturally with daily practice in religion?
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Re:The Biggest Humanity Sin Many Religions Talking About With Divine Level Explanation

Date Posted:05-09-2020 04:13:36Copy HTML

At the end of the day, all you got is just pure theory. The important is that do your body feel better or stronger ?! The answer is no. Then you are doing wrong with all those "technology thinking". It seem that is some "team project" works, so I cannot give advice about it. Use must use your brain and logical thinking + real life experiment if you want to find out what is secret teaching.
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