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Date Posted:18-01-2021 07:20:13Copy HTML

The Best Last Method To Verify The Savior Messiah Buddha Is Using Time Travel Machine

It is not easy to “educate” and convene people that I am the true real savior Messiah Buddha because everybody have their own background and own knowledge about life.

Although I have presented a perfect solution for the global economy trade war, there are always people/groups/entities still not believe in me.

The global trade war occur all about “currency exchange rate”.
The currency exchange rate is because of “export products/services”.
The only solution is “isolate” those “international export products” with brand new “international money note”.
But some nations will like it, some nations will not like it. Since the “winner” want keep the current system while the “loser” want change the system.

Many beings/groups/entities even put their “hope” in various deities/entities via various channel such as “spiritual guru, expert”, “ritual question answer”, etc.

The main problem is that they not believe the fact that all the entities they are interacting is have level below them.

Everybody have their own ideology about how the system should change, should be running, so who is right and who is wrong?

The only possible answer with current technology and device is using time travel machine, which is seem exist in secret place.

How to verify/test the savior Messiah Buddha with time travel machine?
Step 1: let’s group tester/travelers with various background from all over the world do fast forward future. And record the story, result all of them.
Step 2: let me the savior Messiah Buddha “teach/educate” them about life, human body via safe method. Safe here mean not harming other beings/entities, only increase their knowledge wisdom through daily life practice.
Step 3: after some period from 30 to 90 days, redo the test with time travel machine, and you will have the result.

The true savior Messiah Buddha will able to “change” the result of the future for much better world, while the fake savior cannot.

I know many secret societies/groups/organizations/government have their own budget for that kind of secret space program/human experiment.

And now I have a similar program to help people unlock the human potential of life.

So if any groups/entities want to do the “test”, they can contact me.
I do not care which nations/groups you are coming from and what is your background, because all are equal because all of you are not yet reach Nirvana state, not yet know the secret of human body and life.

That is the last best method and maybe the only way to verify the savior Messiah Buddha.
You should not expect “the savior” appear offline since all humans are equal, and most importantly it is all about whether you can increase your level or not. It is not about wealth, money, title, society position, etc. So do not put that mortal humans mindset and think the savior with Godlike abilities and mindset will act like their expectation.

The best way to defeat the “enemy” is listen to me, especially those who are in “losing position”.

The deadline 03/03/2021 is coming, so I don’t think I will talk more after that date, my patience has reached the limit.

The future of your life your world is up to your actions, not by others.
It is always better to put hope in beings claim have “cure” than entities who do not.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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