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Date Posted:08-04-2020 09:05:26Copy HTML

The Best Fair Way To Rescue The Economy During & After NCOV Event Is Send Back Tax Payers Money

The Governments must stop stealing people money and send to their friends the big companies by bail out.

If I was in charge of any nation,the most fair way to rescue the economy is:
First: Separate tax payer entities group with non-tax payer money groups for over last 4 years to 12 years depend on the situation.
-Send back money to entities who have paid tax over the years by various method and formula including x2 x3 the amount of money they have paid.
- While the non-tax payers groups: only support them by paying their essential bill like water, electric and rent with cap. Foods will be used food banks or something like that. Absolutely no sending money to this non-tax payer group.

By doing that, you have set the new standard and send money to hard earn taxpayer people. While the entities have cheated the system will receive nothing.

This is just few months event, if any companies cannot cope with the situation then let’s them disband.

But the Governments must return the economy back as soon as possible, if the lock down beyond 50 days then it is illegal activities and made absolutely no sense what so ever.

I am not get paid to design policy for any nations so I just drop few essential framework ideas like above. You must do it yourself.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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