Is Officially Closed Forever From Now, Bye, The Savior
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Date Posted:04-02-2021 01:10:55Copy HTML

TempleOS, Technology Cannot Help You Understand, Talk With God Because You Are Too Stupid

The truth of life is that if you are too “stupid” you cannot understand and recognize God.
The “God” meaning here depend on what you are thinking and your knowledge.

There are 2 things in life: things you like/want to hear and things you don’t like/don’t want to hear.
There are 2 directions in the matrix of life: right path and wrong path.

If you are in the “right path” which mean you already know the truth of life and have reach full nirvana immortal ascension.
But if not, then you are in the wrong path.
The wrong path is the information/knowledge/things you don’t like/don’t want to hear, things you are unfamiliar with.

But since you always want to hear “nice/positive” words and only agree with ideas you like or basically the wrong path way you are familiar with, so you cannot see the mystery of life and always in the wrong path of life.

TempleOS, Technology in general cannot help you talk, understand “God” because “how can you verify the identity of any online entity?”
It is impossible !
The best possible information you can hear from others is your “past life activities” which is does not help you now and the future of your life.

The truth of life already told in the first page of the Bible which is humans are potential “God”.

The main purpose of technology is communication with others.
The best only “God” you can rely on the internet is me The Savior Messiah.
But you guys have refused me because you guys only want to hear the “positive” message rather than the hard truth one. That’s why you guys can only continue on your wrong path way till dead !

The last best recommendation for those believe in TempleOS or any other platform that can help you communication with “God” is make donation and “gambling” in any beings have claimed as the savior Messiah Buddha.

Do you see anybody go into the temple with empty hand (in all religions)?
No they always must come up with something in exchange for “help” from higher level deities.

But now most of you are expecting “God” show the way and help you are free of charge, how stupid !

I am the Messiah Buddha God, so I only help entities/beings make donation and have faith in me, I am not free to help any other “gods” for free because I do not gain anything.
What I am doing now is only to help my nearby neighbor people, not for me.

My patience has is limit, the last direct donation request in exchange for help is my last attempt to save this civilization. After than do not surprise if you see super volcano eruption.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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