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Date Posted:10-09-2020 08:32:38Copy HTML

Technology Stuffs Cause Climate Change Global Warming, Bring Natural Catastrophe Disaster Sooner

If you ask between a petrol/gas car vs a electric car, which one will bring natural catastrophe faster, sooner to this civilization, then my answer is electric car !

The science and theory say that: CO2 cause global warming, cause ice melting and to root problem of the “future nature mega disaster”.
It sound very logical because when you burn fire near ice, it will melt, if you burn woods in your house,you will get warmer, so CO2 is the problem.

Hey what if metals, technology (including everything made in lab house) is the direct cause of Climate Change.

Why don’t you ask why and how metals go rust?
It is because of air, fire, water.

So the more metals, technology stuffs on the surface, the more natural catastrophe disaster come to you.

The theory CO2 only maybe “correct” about ice melting, but what about storm,earthquake, tsunami, volcano eruption which was happened many timesin the past?

Use your common sense and pick the correct theory.
CO2 vs Metals, Technology.
One theory only “maybe correct” about 1 catastrophe event.
But other theory satisfy all the natural catastrophe events.

If you ask why the metals on the surface go rust then it is the “unripe product”.
A small little air can do it, so with high amount of quantity require a lot of air (storm, tsunami, floods).

Why it melting? Then the answer it is because it is not the “original products/materials of life on Earth”, simply like that.

Most of word leaders are digging the grave for this entire civilization by gambling on the wrong CO2 theory.

Technology, science cannot predict the right temperature, when rain come, what wind direction, and cannot know the secret of life exist  beyond human eyes and any kind of technology.

Go ask yourself, your friends and compare both theories above and make your own conclusion about climate change global warming subject.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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