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Date Posted:18-02-2020 02:03:17Copy HTML

Special Offer For Hong Kong Protesters To Help You Free From The Chinese Communist Party Valid Till 28/02/2020

Hi Hong Kong protester people,

I can help you guys and give you what you want: not just 5 demands you guys said online, but also a completely independent country just like the Taiwan, where you are the owner of your homeland Hong Kong from the top government.

But first you need to understand a basic law of life that there is no free lunch, everything is an exchange. You guys need to understand that now you guys have nothing to exchange with the Chinese Government for that 5 demands, protest alone is not enough and never be considered as a “product”.

Now you may wonder who I am and what “product” I have?

I already said I am the savior, and I have the most wanted product on the planet at this moment: the working cure/solution to solve the epidemic nCOV Covid-19.

The real dangerous and real deadly rate of that virus is at least 90% and the Chinese Government mainland knew about that. So this is the golden opportunity for you guys to free completely from the Chinese Communist Party.

The deal I want to make with you guys is very straight forward:

I will give you guys what you guys want: not just 5 demands but a completely own self government run like Taiwan, even if Chinese military want to go inside Hong Kong they must receive your permission.

I want to receive from you guys: act as my messenger to the Chinese Government, more a least like a public attention a speaker.

How to negotiate/deal with the Chinese Government is my job. I will going to include your “demand” into the deal with the Chinese Government.

Without me, the Chinese Government would collapse in the next 100 days for sure !!!

The nCOV Covid-19 is much more dangerous that they would imagine, even they are now using “spiritual teacher/teller, whatever” to do at lot of ritual everywhere, that is never enough, because this virus is heaven sent !!!

The deal will valid for 10 days from now 18/02/2020 to 28/02/2020.

After that deadline then everything will be off and I have to find another way to save this civilization from the destruction.

So if you guys want to make a deal with me then either comment down or via communication info at or

Without me, you guys have no product to exchange with the Chinese Government, remember that.

The time is short, the stake is too high. Too little risk but big reward are waiting for.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Anyname

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