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Date Posted:10-04-2021 03:11:06Copy HTML

Print More Money Will Reduce Worldwide Chaos Significantly, The Current System Has Too Little Cash

If you need to take one reason to blame for the worldwide daily life chaos, then it must be money.

How much money in the current system (real number value)?
The total amount of money in the whole world is various from  around 40 trillion US Dollar to 100 trillion US Dollar.

What is the world population?
Well 7.8 billion people (let’s assume it is 8 billion for easy remember).

So what is the average amount of current cash money per person in the whole world?
If you take a positive high number around 80 trillion USD : 8 billion, then the answer is 10,000 USD.

It it too little if you compare that number with the “desired dream” number 1 million US Dollar of majority people (at least 90% people in this world). It is only about 1%.

It restricted people creative, it encourage people to behave like animal just for some stupid paper money note.

At the end of the day, it is not about how much money you have in the bank.
It is about how much money you spend and in what activity !

The ideal number of total cash in the world must be at least 20% to 50% of (world population * desired dream number 1 million USD). I am talking about real value everybody understand, not include some useless high number note from few nations.

So the total amount of cash in the whole world society should be around 2,000 Trillion USD to 4,000 Trillion USD.

Cash here mean physical bank note printed and issued by the national governments, not the digital coin made by random groups.

The current system is too crappy, too chaos. It cannot get any worse than the current state if you print more money in the system.

Many nations are fighting for useless stupid things, instead of unify and conquer the Universe, conquer other races, they are playing to enslave the people in their own race, how freaking stupid and crazy !

More cash money must be printed and distributed to the “lucky” people to have a better world, better life for all, there is no other choice !

Best Regard,
The Savior

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