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Date Posted:11-08-2020 01:41:59Copy HTML

People Die Because They Do Not Fully Understand The Bible Devil Fruit Of Knowledge Wisdom

The most secret and could be the 7th seals of the Bible is probably the fruit of knowledge & wisdom in the middle of the garden. Today I am going to reveal to you that secret who are lucky to read this article.

What are those fruit of knowledge wisdom in the Bible Genesis?
The answer is all kind of animals related products such as animals egg, while in the final form they are the animal meat most of you are eating everyday.

People die because they have eaten it but cannot able to control it.
All kind of vegan diet is only good for newbie, low level beings.

But at the highest level of human beings and at the level of “God”,you can still eat animal products but you must to understand what is enough and what is the “cure” of it.

What is the cure for all kind of animal products?
My answer is hot spicy, sour, bitter fruits/leafs/vegetables.
Examples: raw hot chili pepper, raw onion, raw garlic, raw tamarind, cloves, bitter melon, ginger, dandelion, pickles, etc.

Those are very hard to eat because you guys are not familiar with, but they bring a lot of health benefit. Those “serpents” did not gave you that information that why the down fall have begun.

If you want to verify the benefits, all you need to do is replace 20-30% of your daily diet with those “tough” foods. You can still eat meat, eat, daily products but with less amount and will a lot of “crazy” fruits, leafs, vegetables. After 7-10 days, I can guarantee you will be in much better shape, healthier body and much smarter than the your current one.

That is also the “cure” for the “dark” beings who have eating a lot of animals products and want to seek a way out of the matrix.

You will know the secret of good and bad after eating those things a lot, you will be like God in the Bible.

If you ask what is the correct amount and correct portion, then I can only tell you that you must find it by yourselves because each organic human body are not the same, the weather and condition too.

You must control and master your body by yourself, there is no any other way.
I can only give you the “cure”, it is up to you next whether you want to be like God or not.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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