Is Officially Closed Forever From Now, Bye, The Savior
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Date Posted:03-03-2021 01:21:19Copy HTML

Only You Can Save You From The Chaos Matrix Life, Nobody Can Direct Help You

Do not expect any beings, entities going to save you and tell you the way out of this endless matrix circle of life and death !
If you are following any groups,secret societies, governments, etc. and expect one day they are going to help you, then you are an idiot beings ! Because you are the only one being can you save you !

If you look at the scripture about what is Nirvana and how to archive it general, you will see it is all about “yourself” and “self discover” of life.

You guys are bunch of idiots, stupid beings, entities who prefer “easy convenient” life over listening to me !

It is just matter of time for more chaos, more natural disaster because you are choose the wrong road way, instead of listen to me the legendary savior, you guys prefer and listening to stupid entities who no absolutely nothing about how the life operating!

The mind is everything, the future world is endless.
The only question matter in life is whether you “smart” enough like the eternal God.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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