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Date Posted:18-03-2020 02:10:14Copy HTML

Oil Price Fall To Under $20, Stock Market To Loss 75%, Agriculture Export Nation Currency Will Raise Min 50% Value

The truth is that the new corona virus NCOV is in fact the Bible end time legendary beast 666.

So if you think it will solved easily by drug or vaccines, then you are an idiots.

No matter what private & public governments are trying to cover, they cannot hide forever.

If you are an investor then as an entity who is holding the cure & solution for this legendary NCOV, I can give you some advice like this:

– Stock market in all nations will loss at least 75% compare to today market price.

– Oil price will fall below under $20 USD per barrel (could be $15 or $10 or even lower).

– The money currency of many agriculture nations will rise significantly, minimum 50% like India, Vietnam, Thailand, Mexico, etc.

So do not invest in any stock market but invest in currency if you want to seek some “profit return” after the NCOV events. That is the real Global Currency Reset event made by heaven.
Do you see it entertaining ?!

Of course you better stock foods first if you want to survive in advanced, money paper is just a paper only.

If you are seeking the timing and more insider news relate to the new corona virus, then the most reliable one is at All the rest are propaganda and was heavily censored.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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