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Date Posted:11-06-2020 08:34:37Copy HTML

New Stock Market System Will Share Nature Resources To The Public In The Most Fair Way

The end for the elites, royals,ancient families is now in 2020.
The flow of the money is begin from natural resources and agriculture produces.
The farmers spend a lot of time and energy to work to have the products.
But why the nature resources controlled by a small group of people but not the whole public.
Basically, they do not need to work but still have unlimited amount of money to use.

When one company go to public and list in the stock market, it supposed to be the time give back and share with the public, not the time to earn more money and become a tool for gambling.

I have presented a framework for the new financial system.
And now it is time for new additional stock market system to complete the pair.

The new stock market system will have 2 tier:
- Tier 1: the new additional stock market system.
- Tier 2: the current stock market system.

In the new additional stock market system there will some basic rule like:
- Only open for person, not any shadow hidden entity like company.
- All the energy, oil, natural resources, banking company will be listed here, along with other popular public company.
- All company will have and issue same amount of shares such as 100 million shares.
-The existing owners will only allow to keep 1%, while 99% will be listed in the new market.
- Each person will only allow to own an equal same amount of share depends on how many people want to own that company share. So it could be 1 person 1 shares.
- The price of each shares at the beginning will either up to buyers and/or base on company’s revenue.
- The international company will must sell shares to all nations where they have revenue from at least 1% or 0.1% depend on the agreement.

The rule of the system will be the most fair way.
But that mechanism is thereto help the flow of money run fairer.

That is the basic idea and the only way to end the battle around natural resources between nations.
Overall, the natural resources must be share and control by the people, but not by a small group of people.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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