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Date Posted:04-05-2020 01:08:57Copy HTML

New International Money System Will Have 3 Important Objects Similar To The Sun, The Moon & The Earth, The Messiah God Said

This solution/strategy belongs to me the legendary savior, no any entities/beings is allowed to use it for any purpose without my permission. The divine angel police team is watching and will “eliminate” all the cheaters without warning.

Money is a source of energy.
The current chaos/war between nations all because of the conflict around the financial system from their difference culture and location.
I am going to tell you that the only solution is to have an additional financial system like the sun, the moon and the earth, just like this one bellow:

Tier 3: Fiat issued by each National Government Central Bank. (No cap)
Tier 2: Gold issued by each Gold Continent Bank. (Semi cap)
Tier 1: Global God Money issued by the people. (Have cap)

So all people who from qualified nations in the new system will have 3 currency instead of 1.
- US Dollar, US Export Dollar, American Gold Note.
- Japan Yen, Japan Export Yen, China Yuan, China Export Yuan, Asia Gold Note.

All what need to be done is to have some rules and restrictions for each type of tier money note,then all the problems will gone away.

-All goods/products will require category depend on human works. Like if a product value have over 50% nature help like the metals, oil, gas, etc. Then you only allow to user tier 2, 3 money to buy it.
- While the tier 1 money will require at least 50% human works and must harmony with nature.

- The new tier 1 money export currency will be only allowed to buy local currency or foreign export currency and then buy that nation products. But there will be a cap like 1million export dollar per person issued.

- All people from all qualified nations will receive same about of global god money every year at smart level and quantity. If the export GDP without nature resources is 1000 Dollar per person per year, then each person will receive 500 export dollar per year.
- But the start value is 1:1 between all export money currencies, then it will go without government control and all up to the people.

That is the basic mechanism of the new additional financial system.
Full details and implementation process is still kept in secret and only be revealed after the land and conflict problem solved.

Above is the only solution can solve the current conflict around economic money. There is no any other way better than this type of system at this moment.
It is all about the mechanism but not about then umber or technology !

Why don’t you just send this information to the “elders”, “dragon”, “spiritual master”or even “time traveler” to test out and see the “potential future”.

Remember no entities is allowed to use this message information for public under any circumstance without my permission.

If you want to have an open discussion and more about Divine God level solution then go to

Signature Signed
The Legendary Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Buddha Whatever-Name

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