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Date Posted:06-04-2020 01:29:03Copy HTML

New Education Season Schedule Should Be Changed Base On Each Nation Culture & Traditional

Humanity and nations must take advantage of the COVID-19 NCOV, rather than scare it and run away from it. Trying to study online and finish the current season is not the smart way to go.

Many if not all nations are using the same schedule for education where the new season start in September and end in May, which is stupid. You must have your own schedule, your own timetable base on your nation’s culture, traditional and custom, here I mean your new year calendar.

Not all nations celebrate normal sun calendar, many nations celebrate their special new year event base on their traditional like the lunar moon calendar in the East Asia, the Islamic, the Jew, the Hindu, etc.

So I highly recommend you change the schedule base on your new year celebration calendar.
Month 1, 2: Winter vacation.
Month 3, 4, 5: First term season begin.
Month 6: Test, exam.
Month 7, 8: Summer vacation.
Month 9, 10, 11: Second term study.
Month 12: Test, exam.

That is just a sample outline schedule, you can switch & mix things up base on your own believe, your own citizens wish for. But do not copy and blind follow other nations policy.

Step up and have your own way of life !

Best Regard,
The Savior

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