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Date Posted:14-08-2020 01:40:45Copy HTML

Many Secret Societies Groups Governments Are Making Many Catastrophe Deadly Mistakes

Based on what going on with the global affair, I can tell you that most all kind of secret societies, organizations, governments are gambling with people life, rather than facing and solving the direct problems.

Many of them are handling the virus pandemic too poorly and make it looks like a big scam, rather than a real life event.

If the virus pandemic cannot gone before October 2020 => Natural disaster come 100% right after.
If the virus pandemic cannot solved the correct way => same result like above.

Drugs, vaccines, technology is not the way to go !
I am not surprised too see more leaders die because go against the “free will people laws” the Creator was set.

All of them do not realized and do not have gut to face the truth, they “worship” and“follow” other beings advice, which is a terrible because at the end result, they are still dead anyway.

They must wake up,face the truth that the Messiah is here already, they must listen to him.
They can only live forever if they listen to me, if not they will only have die result.

Words are meaningless, but many governments are listening to “little knowledge” beings rather than have their own decisions.

If you want to have better life, you must change your direction and try something new.
If you have followed any other secret organizations, you should get out and give me the Messiah a try at

Wealth money gold is not the final end life purpose. But only eternal life is.

I am not playing scare tactics, I am only telling you what the “above human level” beings those natural gods will do in near future base on your own actions.

The previous post I already gave you the 200 years old lifestyle formula so that you can verify.

The small world is your personal world, your personal choice.
But big world is every humans world, a Earth for everyone to study but not to “control”.
If you are trying to “control” the big world, the disaster will come after you.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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