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Date Posted:18-08-2020 01:33:46Copy HTML

Many Illusion Communities Lightworker, Spirituality, Scandal Conspiracy Must Face Life Reality Truth

The Earth world is chaos and trouble, what should you do guys gals?
We should talking “good”, we should talk about the “future”, we should dreaming and completely stay away from current life reality. That is the basic mistakes of most people in lightworker, spirituality community.

We should blaming blaming and keep blaming the “corruption” people and others as much as possible. That is what most people who are in conspiracy community are doing everyday.

The common object of them are hiding and blaming.

Many of them are wasting their time for stupid actions with absolutely no object goal !

I do not want to describe any more for they are know the best of what the activities they are doing everyday.

The only way for them to have abetter life is to seek the truth, to face any kind of statement without judgement about “right” or “wrong”. They must talking and seeking for solutions instead of “prophecy” from unknown beings where they cannot verify.

But just like in history, many are only dreaming and want to talk about “good stuffs” instead of talking about every other possibilities.

Your world your decision, I do not care, just some words at the end time !

Best Regard,
The Savior

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