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Date Posted:01-01-2021 10:57:02Copy HTML

List Of Undervalue Cryptocurrencies You Should Invest In

Out of endless cryptocurrencies, there are too much bubble, manipulations.
Do you know which one you should buy? Here is my recommendations:

Short term:
Ethereum ETH
Compare to Bitcoin, Ethereum is way to undervalue.
The only good thing about Bitcoin is the iconic symbol, the first cryptocurrency.
Other than that, bitcoin contribute next to nothing to the real world society.

Why Ethereum is another story, and has some major benefit:
– Low fees, fast transactions.
– Is the backbone stock piple of many organizations want to create/have their own “currency/token”.

The price of Ethereum will on par with Bitcoin very soon.

Long term:
Dogecoin, Digibyte
Both those coin can x100 times value at any moment from now.
They have great transaction speed and fees.

The Dogecoin even using to tipping on some big social media websites.
I can see Dogecoin go from $0.00x to $0.x.
Because their default transaction is 1 Dogecoin already. So I don’t see why a digital transaction cost more than $1 dollar.
All is take for Dogecoin price to raise is either restrict the amount of Dogecoin to be mined or some big technology organization using it as a bonus reward for their employees.

The Digibye is still not popular due to “media marketing” or more correctly “the controllers/the sharks” do not want it come online yet.
There is no any other cryptocurrencies can compare to this coin in term of transaction speed and fees.
So I can see the Digibyte price jump from $0.0x to #0x.xx

But like I have said before, all the current cryptocurrencies have their flaws and mostly empower “technology people”, while technology is just one out of many daily industries.
There will be much more better, fairer cryptocurrencies appear in the future.

But again, life is not about technology but most people are thinking tech is the future which are wrong ! Technology cannot solve the world problems, it is only create more trouble if people overuse it.

The only thing can save the world is “common sense”, knowledge and wisdom.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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