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List Common Mistakes People Made During Their Spiritual Awakening, Human Ascension Journey

It is easy to make money by just “buy low sell high”. But the spiritual awakening or human ascension is on another level of life. Many beings/entities was and are spending a lot of time around this topic, but all of them do not have any basic information about Nirvana Human Evolution.
That why I have seen a lot of mistakes that cost them either being in trap of illusion or in come cases are dead.

Here is the list of common mistakes about human ascension evolution:
1. Do not know what is the true human ascension nirvana evolution
The ultimate goal is reaching Nirvana state, but you do not fully understand what is that mean, because you have not have real life experience, all you know is just pure theory from “unknown beings/entities”.

2. Blind follow others without questioning, thinking
This one is the most common mistakes, many are listening, following, practicing various methods without either thinking or know the root reason of that activities such as mediation, yoga, eat vegan foods, etc.
If there is a question “why you do mediation?”, then most if not all of you will answer because “it’s feel goods or other gurus said so, etc”.

3. Seeking for power, energy
Many are try to gain power, energy and think that is the right way by various methods such as ritual, logo symbol, gemstones, etc. But sadly they are not the right way.

4. Do not know the difference between portion ascension vs full nirvana ascension
This is a costly mistake, living to 500 years old is not the same as living to 2000 years old, and it is not the same as living eternal forever life !
They only know, understand and pass the “next step” of the big game, they do not fully know how to “pass” the whole game.
Sometimes you must need to take few steps back in order to gain big, but all of them only focus on gaining and gaining !
An airplane is not the same as an rocket although they both able to help you “fly” above the floor ground.

5. Waiting for free lunch, free help from others
Life is about exchanging with each others, even you are spending time to read/research materials/contents on the internet, you still always need to pay the bill, pay the foods to eat, or in short you always must spend money/resources to study to learn about human ascension evolution.
And most if not all the free materials are not good enough, for everybody with all kind of background need some special “items, materials” in order to full understand Nirvana and even have a chance to reach that ultimate goal of life.

6. Do not willing to admit mistakes, open mindset and learn/try new stuffs
Most prefer want to hear what they like rather than what is the truth but not the stuffs they want to here. If you cannot admit your past mistakes or fear others laugh at you, then you cannot able to go learn new stuffs and go further in this ascension journey.

That is the basic and common mistakes of many people who are chasing for spiritual awakening, human ascension evolution journey.

If you wonder how to avoid those kind of mistake and know you are in the right track of this endless matrix life, you I will tell you:
- You need to spend money/resources for any beings claim that they have reach the nirvana state and can giving you method/direction to “level up” your character.
- You need and hope for some super change in the social life system or direct in your life. So that you can gain some “special needed material” in order to full understand and reach the Nirvana state.

That is the only way for any beings to reach the Nirvana state, there is no any other pathway.

The good new is that I am the one have reached the Nirvana state and I am offering godlike learning material for whoever beings/entities who made enough donation to me.
I can easily answer any question related to life, not just theory but with real life actions so you can understand it.

That offer is open for all the rich and the poor, so all of you are equal and have the same opportunity.
For full detail information, you can check that at or
That is the best trading offer on the market in millions years, you won’t able to see it twice in your life for sure. But the offer have limited time, so you must be quick and be smart.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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