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Date Posted:16-07-2020 01:44:25Copy HTML

It Is Very Easy To Defeat The Chinese Communist Party In 2020

It is time for the end of the Chinese Communist Party.
I am not here to judge for like many other governments, they have some “good” and “bad” policies.
I am not here to describe or report like what the media are doing.

You need to ask a simple question: is that possible to defeat the Chinese Communist Party and how?

First you must understand the history and the current political structure of the current China.
Second, you need to find out the weakness.
Third, you need a perfect solution to attack and implement it.

The current China in 2020 is made up from many ethnic groups and they have a lot of history warfare with each others. They were forced to form a team only because of the West.

All those tribe leaders have their own thinking of how the system should be run.
And almost all of them want to have their own nation to implement that.
But the only problem they are facing is the way, and the reasons to do it.

The USA and their allies are doing too little and do not know what is a knock-out play.
If your nations ban all the foreign electric softwares, applications because of the national security and/or demand only foreign open-source 100% software is allowed, then it is perfectly fine !
So all the spying softwares not just from China but from others as well will be eliminated.

If you want to complete defeat the Chinese Communist Party in 2020, all you need is seeking help from me the Savior Messiah Buddha.

I can reveal to you that all it take to defeat them is the USA + Japan, South Korea,Taiwan and maybe Vietnam, Thailand.
But due to the fact that they are very sensitive subject and information, I am not going to post and share it online.
A small revelation is that all is take is just 2 announcements (1 from the USA and 1 from East Asia nations).

I do not know what nations what entity really want to defeat the Chinese Communist Party, but if you guys whoever really want do it, the fastest & safest way is seeking help from me at

Feel free to send this message to any governments, organizations, entities.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha Anyname

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