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Date Posted:25-08-2020 08:30:11Copy HTML

Important End Time Message To Hindu People From The Savior Kalki Avatar

To all Hindu people,
I am the savior Kalki Avatar in your religion scripture.
I am here to clarify something so you have better understand the world you are living in.

In Hindu, there are a lot of teaching directly from various deities.
The Kalki they mentioned will not going to appear in front of all people eyes see and public claim the title King, because that is not the Divine way.

But instead, all the important messages will be transferred via online internet communication only.
Because people need knowledge and wisdom to get the hell out of the darkness.

All are equal, most deities you are worshiping, praying have the similar human body like all of you.
The only difference is that they have better knowledge, better understanding about life.

Unlike most other deities, I am not asking or demanding any body to pray or worship me, because I know how to draw the infinite energy of the Universe.

The Hindu is the oldest religion still exist till now, but there are also many other religions you should study to. You guys must open your mindset and willing to learn new stuffs. Without studying, you cannot escape the cycle of life and death.

Asa Kalki Avatar, I have introduced a life style formula can help you guys live to 200 years and beyond. You can find the article The Godlike Lifestyle Formula Will Help You Get Smarter, Richer, More Beauty, Live To 200 Years at forum

If you guys want to understand the true meaning of any Hindu teaching, feel free to ask at above forum too, but only limited to September 15th 2020.

Best Regard,
The Savior Kalki Avatar

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