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Date Posted:18-08-2020 03:52:55Copy HTML

If You Want To Have A Better Eternal Life, You Must Seek Help & Go Join The Savior’s World

Everybody is a “small” world.
Every nation is a “big” world.
And the Earth is the “class school” world.

But a world is always a world, just like a nation is always a nation no matter size.

In reality, when your nation or your region in war and in chaos mode, what should you do?
Find till dead with no end sign or seek refugees in “better” other nations just like many people in Africa, Middle East are seeking free lunch in Europe.

The truth of life is similar like that.
If you want to have a better life for yourself, you must either do it by yourself or following/listening to others. Because the Earth world you are living is too big that why many people was and in many secret societies/groups in hope for “better” life condition.

And the word “better” meaning depend on each people ideology about human life.

If you want to be like “God”, if you want to know the secret of immortality and the universe, the best chance and best opportunity in 2020 is to join the savior Messiah Buddha’s world.
But of course you cannot join directly, you can only join it indirectly at forum

Many of you probably want “prove” this that.
I am telling this: talk big is not easy, provide life theory is very difficult.
If you think it is just an imagine everybody can do, then go ask any people who never have read or have any experience about any kind of fiction movies, novels to write story.
I can guarantee that no any of them able to write any fiction story !

My world my society is the best, because it is free will free choice.
You can join and learn, but you do not have to receive and follow any “orders” like many current secret groups societies are doing.

Theory is just a first step, the second step is you must test/verify by yourself.
If you only study, learn and remember words philosophy from other beings, then you are no good and in the wrong road.

All kind of education degrees are useless and only “stupid sleepy” people want that.

Only being who have obtained eternal life can give you the correct direction to the heaven.

The eternal life is beyond words, beyond number and beyond all kind of languages you have known so far.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Saoshyant Buddha Whatever-Name

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