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Date Posted:09-07-2020 02:22:31Copy HTML

If National Jobs Unemployment Rate Over 1%, Then The Problem Is Your Government & Groups Behind

I do not want to talk about this job unemployment subjects because that is the duty of each government. But the main problem is that many of them are only blaming this blaming that for their own stupid and weak ability.

What are they?
- Mass products from factories.
- Technology, machine.
- Minimum wage.
- High currency rate.
- Education system.
And whatever reasons they can come up with just to hide the problem, which is their own stupid !
This is apply for all the national governments and all the groups/organizations behind.

Each nation, each land, each product have their own advantage and disadvantage.
The job of each government is must to unlock and give the right direction for their own citizens. But many are failing because they only care about their own family, they just want to stay in power to “enslave” the rest, instead of take care and give the right direction for the rest.

It is very easy to get the unemployment rate under 1%, no matter where are you from.
The only answer is that do your government and organization behind want to do it or not !

Some quick solutions and examples are:
- Teach and tell people about 2 type of jobs: jobs must with education degree and jobs without degree but just need skills & talents. Instead of only teaching people to get education degree is the only way to earn money and have a better life.
- Change the education system to give people 2 choices: “get a education degree to get a job” or “get a skill to get a job”.
- Promoting homemade street foods, clothing, etc. with slogan “Unique is beauty” and some benefits of it such as feel more comfortable when wear tailor made clothing, cheaper and diversity foods, etc.
- Erase many laws & regulations which is giving big companies advantage over the rest such as “safety standard” or “health standard” where require officers to check before allow any business to go.
-Telling people the truth advantage and disadvantage of each products.

That is just some quick suggestions, but the final decision still up to each national government & the groups behind. I do not get paid to do this job so do not expect entire complete guide and free lunch help!

Overall, if your national unemployment rate over 1% no matter where you are living,then those government official & organizations behind your nation are doing a terrible job ! They must seek help, seek new ideas and solutions from others.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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