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Date Posted:15-06-2020 02:10:26Copy HTML

I The Messiah Can Easily Resolve The Problem BLM Protesters Rioters

The Western Government do not know how to handle this current problem BLM protesters, rioters. All they are doing is blaming the problems and the groups behind.

The problem is too small and is in fact a golden opportunity to make your nations better.
You must get my permission before using my below strategy.
Here is what should to be done:

If I was in charge of the United States Of America:
- Step 1: Remove the Police Department completely and replace it with a new army branch call as Pre-Qualifying Army.

- Step 2: Establish a brand new Pre-Qualifying Army branch and treat is as a layer 1 testing branch, and require all people who want to join the Army, Airforce, Navy Seal, Marine, etc. must past that “soft skill”test where they will act with people like the current police man. All people who got reported by the people with evidence for “bad behavior” will automatic removed and fail.

- Step 3: Setup a Refugee Island/Nation/Zone with other immigration such as Brazil, Canada, Australia. It is going to place for all stupid criminal, undocumented economic migration.

- Step 4: Announce with the public that the Police Department is gone and you have absolutely no reason to protest anymore. From now whoever disrupt other people live and businesses under the name of peaceful protest will not going to be jail but will going to be get removed their American citizenship, passport, green card, visa, etc. And will be deported to a refugee island/zone/nation.

That is a winning move, not just only solve the current problem between the public and the police, but it is also strengthen the Army, lower budget.

If I was in charge of the United Kingdom, Europe:
- Step 1: Tell the public that you must remember and study the history of this civilization. Before any government was established, the Europe continent is a home of White skin people, the Yellow people of Asia, the Black people was living in Africa.

- Step 2: The British police have done nothing wrong so you have no rights to disrupt other people life and do not have rights to destroy any historic statues.You do not have rights to judge the previous generations. Without them you are still hunting animals and still living in stupid life just like many other tribes in the jungle.

- Step 3: If you love the black people so much, then British Government will have a dedicated program where you will move to Africa with some money but your British citizenship will be removed completely. Or you can move to some other immigration nations like Brazil, Canada.

- Step 4: Allow people vote to choose what skin people they want to live and work with. Example city with 100% white people with British ascent voice, city with 90% white people, etc. To minimum 50% white people such as London.

The Europe continent must wake up and cannot continue living like animals anymore.

Above are basic idea and strategy. If any governments want to use that winning move/policy, you guys must get my permission at first.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Buddha Whatever-Name

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