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Date Posted:06-07-2020 12:30:50Copy HTML

I Messiah Can Help The USA Remove Their Trade Deficit With Other Nations Back To 0 Within 5 Years

The US Government or whatever entity/organization behind are doing are a terrible job.
Despite the fact that they are controlling the current financial system rights, they just do not know how to defeat the gold holders - the North Korea & Asia.

In order to remove the foreign trade deficit with other nations and back to 0, there area lot of methods. But if you want to remove it without touching the “minimum wage” rule, and without touching the “financial system”, then you need a very special solution and strategy.

The good news is that I knew that method very very well. And I have not yet revealed and post it online.

The only bad news is that I am not going to posting it public online because the end is near, surprised is good for the public and life. I am only share it with the entity/organization who is really controlling the USA if they are showing their desire.

That is a very bold opening offer to the USA.
Of course I only charge some “fee” if you want to use that special strategy and solution whether in private or public.
I want to make that straight forward for there is no free lunch in life.

And the USA need that solution in order to withdrawal their military out of many nations.

If the US Government and agents want some direct talk, then go to as soon as possible, for I can go offline forever any moment from now.

There is only one thing can defeat Gold on Earth, and the answer is knowledge & wisdom !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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