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Date Posted:02-06-2021 11:21:50Copy HTML

I Can Help Any Tennis Player Become Grand Slam Winner Easily Within 100 Days

Hi guys,

I am the savior legendary Messiah Buddha.
I am was planning to playing tennis to show the world what the savior capable of.
But after trying, analyzing and testing, I think it is overkill and too easy to become grand slam champion.

So instead of taking some evil blood test and or any other kind of stupid stuffs, I want to coach any tennis player from the internet to become grand slam champion easily within few months.

Sound crazy?
But do you think a player using a tennis racket with swing weight 450 – 500 gram vs player can only play with 350 gram + racket, who going to win?
Sorry but even top professional player in this world have no chance against me or any player using that above mortal human standard.
Because when you can play with a swing weight racket from 450 to 500 gram, your normal shot speed will rage from 150 to 200 km/hour.

You know the only difference between pro vs amateur is just the speed !

I will teach you how to play“godlike” level tennis and easily become grand slam within few months.
But I have some conditions:
- You are not allowed to do any sponsorship with any companies.

- You must make donation worth of at least 50% of the winner prize (you do not need to make any donation if you are not win the tournament).
- You must stop playing all old tennis tournament after you have won one season career grand slam. (If new type format of tournament appear you may continue play).

So the offer and the deal is apply to both man and woman. And apply to all tennis player level from professional to amateur.

If any of you interested in, thenyou can send me an email/message.
My contact information is:
email: tenniskingsavior [at] protonmail [.] com.
chatroom: element matrix username freejoy .
social media platform at: freejoy [.] aimoo [.] com .

This offer is valid for 4 weeks (28 days) from now till 30/06/2021 June 30th 2021.

It is too easy to win and defeat mortal human beings, that why I am not interested in compete in, I prefer coaching from the internet.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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Re:I Can Help Any Tennis Player Become Grand Slam Winner Easily Within 100 Days

Date Posted:02-06-2021 04:59:29Copy HTML

All professional tennis players are too stupid, they must treat tennis as a material art battle to become the champion ! All I can say to the whole tennis community is that, I am very serious, I am not joking/trolling when tell you guys that I can help any player become tennis champion within 100 days. Do you know most common mistakes of professional tennis players? They are still in the trap thinking of "technique, injury, healthy, etc." If you think quick and compare between professional players vs amateur players, what is the most difference ? The answer is that the speed of the ball ! That's it there is no secret. If you want to beat any top tennis players, the winning formula is you just need your ground stroke speed from 150 km to 200 km/per hour! Since your physical body is fixed, the only way to do it is increase your tennis racket swing weight. The only difference between top players vs lower-tier players is just a tiny swing weight (10-20 gram). If you want to have an edge on important point/moment, why no any players have secret sword(racket) only designed and used for short amount of time ?! Sorry that is the biggest mistake all the tennis players are making ! They only trained what they were taught, they have no creative ! I can easily defeat all of so called top tennis players with a big tennis racket swing weight (450 - 500 gram). Do you like that theory? Do you think it true or wrong theory, if injury free and I can still hold that racket for a the entire match? Do you think any top tennis players can stand a chance? Absolutely no chance ! Best Regard, The Savior
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Re:I Can Help Any Tennis Player Become Grand Slam Winner Easily Within 100 Days

Date Posted:06-06-2021 07:35:17Copy HTML

This offer is off the table before the initial deadline because people too stupid they only think life is what they have learned so far anything else is non-sense. So I am quit and out !
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