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Date Posted:17-08-2020 01:27:20Copy HTML

Humanity Must Take Control Of Their Own Destiny, Stop Relying On Others

The word humanity here I mean both human race and each individual people.
In the previous post, I have shared the information about Earth society structure to help you understand the Earth world you are living.

The fact and the truth is that, many people do not realize and act as a team.
They are still looking and want to be the “slave” for other team who have a little bit ability than most mortal human.

All kind of rituals many those elites, and people are using is the direct cause to make the world more chaos.

Rituals here I mean everything you have learned and used till the world 2020.
Ritual is like cheating life tool, is similar to drug, it can only give you temporary boost but then you will receive double damage in return.

Many top governments even listening and realize on spiritual teacher, aliens, etc.

At the end of the day, you are still going to die anyway, so why do not just “gambling” to the “internet savior Messiah” who are telling you the eternal truth of life.

There are 4 major matrix worlds of life:
1. Personal Individual World.
2. Community National World.
3. Earth Planet World.
4. Infinite Universe World.

The real objective of life is conquer yourself because that is the only way to understand and “conquer” the infinite universal world.

All other community worlds like nation, region, earth planet worlds are just the “class, school” for everybody to study and learn. And after classroom, you have to go back home and self study.

If you think you can “conquer” the planet Earth world then you are just an stupid idiot being who are in fact commit suicide, because you are touching a bomb trap.

The infinite universal world here is including all kind of fiction movies, novels, everything human mind can “dream” of.

The “Nirvana State” many sacred old teaching talking about is can only be archived by conquering yourself !!!
But how to conquer yourself and escape the matrix life?
Only me the Savior Messiah Buddha know best!

But most of you are stilling laughing about my words and living in illusion life !

Isis easy or hard when trying teaching Japanese, Korean language to those tribes in the jungle?
Impossible and only idiots going to do that job because they do not get any benefit in return !

The only reason for me to still hanging out and posting article is that my time is not up yet. But it will end soon in next 40 days.

So best of luck everybody guys gals to find the way out of the matrix worlds!

Best Regard,
The Savior

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