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Date Posted:29-04-2021 02:05:22Copy HTML

Humanity Live With The Earth, The Sun, The Moon, But The Global Money System Only Has Two  Object

All humanity live on Earth with the Sun and the Moon. They are the 3 main object of life.
Imagine if this planet Earth lack of the Sun or the Moon,then can you live, can you survive?
No, all of you going to die and disappear instantly !

200 years ago and long time ago, do you have any problem around trading and international financial system?
No, all nation are trading fair and square with real physical products exchange with each other.

So what is the root problem cause to chaos nowadays with the current international financial system?
It is because of technology, without technology there would be no any problems !
But technology is part of the human development and evolution.

The current global money system are handled and managed via big technology above normal daily life technology. Only few beings/groups know exactly the rules and how it operating.
But from my knowledge, they are operating like the Moon.
So you are living with the economic and financial system has only 2 major ingredients: the Earth and the Moon !
Where is the Sun?
Well not yet to see, not yet to known, not yet to appear in the public !

Couple of days ago, I have presented a brand new theory and the real solution to end war chaos, it acts like the Sun !

You guys cannot solve the current economic problem with only technology.
The more you guys are trying to do without the Sun, the more complete the Moon will become and thus the mega natural disaster will appear and occur sooner.

Why I said that?
Because everybody can see and know exactly the Sun and the Moon, but the planet Earth is still remain unknown.

If you guys trying to bring more transparency with technology, it like unlock the Moon to the mass!

Many of you think corruption is bad we need transparency, equal or whatever ideology.
But then what? How many of you can think and able to answer the consequence ?!
The answer is you guys do not have any clue.
Just like the different between the true King mindset and the sleepy normal people.
The true King only compete the competition at the highest level if he/she see the champion crowd within the reach.
But most people only think small, they only dream of playing in Olympic event despite the fact know that they got zero chance of winning.

So the only working solution for the global chaos is the grand international financial system must have 3 major ingredients represent the Sun, the Moon and the Earth.
- The Earth is the current natural resources based.
- The Moon is the technology with cryptocurrency for online products/services.
- The Sun is the one I have presented few days ago.

Do not forget make enough donation if you guys using my beyond godlike solution and strategy.

You guys have very little time left (less than 30 days from now) to choose your life your dimension world you would like to live in.

All the real above level of all the gods you guys have met is ready to shake the world and destroy those stupid idiots secret controllers very soon!

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Saoshyant Buddha

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