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Date Posted:08-06-2020 01:08:48Copy HTML

How To Make The USA Great Again With Real Direction By The Messiah

The name United States Of America is do not live up with that title. It should be called as just some random states in America.
The current law & constitution is too out-dated and do not fit with modern era in 2020. It great 100 years ago but not now.

The Federal Government has too much power while the states have too little power.

Just look at the most important general election rules but also a big loophole one.
If it a real United States Of America, then when you vote and win, you must able to live under your chosen party.
But no, you are voting just to pick a 50% president, you are voting just to have a hope that your party will win in majority states thus have a higher hope for a “better life”.

Because all the so called puppet leaders & politician only promise this promise that but never able give proper direction before any election, which is a total fraud.

So the number 1 priority now for the USA is to focus on “human rights” issue and change their system, instead of blaming others.

They should and must give people rights to choose in various system from each states/portion nations.

They should have some new amendment such as:
- Transparency Communication Platform, where all big high traffic websites must be audit and check at all sources to make sure no spying like the current one.
- Only have sex when mature and body fully grow (thus 18 years old).
- Give county or city more power to choose what type of people they allow to live, work, travel in, example only black or only white or only yellow, etc.

That is some new rule focus on human rights issue.
While in economy issue, all they need to do is eliminate federal minimum wage and have various option and change upon population of each county/city.

County with less than 1 million people: no minimum wage.
County with 1– 10 million people: up each county to decide, bypass federal and states minimum wage.

County with more than 10 million people: keep like the present.

That is an important laws without new international financial system.

The current paid protester and rioters you cannot use military for you did not give people choice to live, and cannot blame them. You can only use military unless you give people choice to live in a community with only white or only black people, etc. And have a proper laws around it.

That is some quick suggestion to help the USA.
Ultimately they still need a complete new laws & constitution system. If they cannot have it in 2020 then you can say good bye to USA nation forever.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Buddha Anyname

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