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Date Posted:27-08-2020 01:09:23Copy HTML

How To Make Religions Better Easier For People To Study To Understand By The Savior

The religions was came in the past to teach people, to give people better direction in life, to give them hope about better future, better world.

Nowadays the humanity is in the darkness again where people are instead of learning, studying, build up their knowledge to grow like God, they are chasing for illusion not important stuffs such as money, wealth, title, technology.

It is the time to relive all religions, to unlock it full potential, because it is the best way to teach people about life, to help people get out of stupid conflict in life.

All kind of war caused direct or indirect via religions because of humans simple do not understand the true meaning of those sacred teaching from the highest stand point.

Some beings, groups, entities were trying to make religion conflict just want to people the do more research, to study more about religion, but mortal humans have limited memory storage.

The complex complicated of each religion is beyond even their followers to fully understand it, let’s alone the outsiders.

There are a lot of hidden teaching in many religions not yet brought to light.
- Why those monks in Buddhism need to shave all hair.
- What is the human sin in Christianity, Jewish.
- Why there is a Ramadan event every year in Islam.


The religions have 2 part series, part 1 is blind follow and part 2 is critical thinking, deep learning and understand why do this action,why practice that activity.

If you want to make it better,easier for the people to study, to understand, you must treat it like a big project. But instead of using money to make money, you are using money to make people to study religion more, to have a better life.

Here is an example how it should be done:
Step 1: setup, form 2 or more version of your religion with different target people.
such as:Original vs Foreign, Old vs New, Short vs Long, Complicated vs Simplify, No explain vs Explanation, etc.

Step 2: using various strategies to attach people to study to learn to understand your religion.
like: spend money to make competitions, challenge contest, to crazy thing like religion degree, etc.

Here is to learn of why do this do that practice, not to worship pray or follow.

The rich Arab Royal Families in the Middle East should spend money to explain others about the true pure Islam, they should not spend money for the useless football club.
The same go to the Jews, other royals, rich families.

Above is a quick framework of how to make all religions better than ever for the people to easier learn, to study.
I am not get paid to do the detail job, so do not expect me to spend time and energy to help your religion for free, you guys must do by your own.

If any beings, groups, entities want to have any discussion about the religions and other life matter, the only place I will answer is at forum, but with very limited time to September 15th 2020. After that date, I am off the internet and see the natural catastrophe to come !

Best Regard,
The Savior

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Re:How To Make Religions Better Easier For People To Study To Understand By The Savior

Date Posted:28-08-2020 06:51:49Copy HTML

Hi savior! I've seen a couple of people around the internet talk about a natural catastrophe happening in september. Could you give us any more information?
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Re:How To Make Religions Better Easier For People To Study To Understand By The Savior

Date Posted:29-08-2020 12:18:13Copy HTML

Today is still in August 2020. Natural catastrophe is always happen every moment on Earth, it is just "small" or "big" matter only. You should not care much if you are just a normal people. Why all of so called "Prophecy" or the "future" are all wrong just like prediction made by most commentator about any sport event. But if you want to more about global natural catastrophe info of which nations will "gone" first by mother Earth? Then I am telling you the nation which easily to be rebuilt will gone first !
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