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Date Posted:08-07-2020 08:55:31Copy HTML

How To Make Formula 1 Racing Better, Fairer & More Interesting

The Formula 1 Car Racing tournament is too boring, too stupid and do not give all “race” all people equal chance and opportunity. They are working like a propaganda and marketing channel rather than a real racing tournament. They are not different than formula 2, 3 and much less interesting than Motor GP. The only they have is speed in a garden. It is in fact machine vs machine, but not driver vs driver anymore.

In order to make the F1 tournament much more interesting, they should change the rule:

- 10 Car companies, 1 company 2 cars, total 20 Cars.
- 20 drivers from 20 different nations where minimum requirement every racing is 1 White people from Europe, 1 Black from Africa, 1 Yellow from Asia, 1 Red from South America.
- All 20 drivers will receive same salary every races plus the bonus reward base on their ranking.
- All drivers will have to drive all cars from all the car companies in the whole tournament season with frequent 2 races/1 car companies.
- Total 20 races, 1 race happen every 2 weeks, total 40 week.

- Top 10 drivers based on points ranking remain, bottom 10 drivers out the next season.
- There will be qualifying season to pick up new drivers for new season where all will drive the same cars. Should occur within 8 weeks.

With that change: all car companies will have to work with all type of drivers from “worst” to “best”,and all drivers will have equal chance to win, to show their talent, unlike the current boring stupid tournament where fast car + top drivers equal win, 99% depend on the car machine already, not the drivers.

It is probably going to give all nations, all human races bases on skin equal opportunity to compete.
And of course it is going to attract much more viewers for the always unpredicted race result.

That what is a real life fair tournament rule should be from above mortal human level entity!

Most all the current sport tournaments now are involved corrupt entities, such a shame, can only deceive stupid people.
Just another solution example to resolve to problem, not like many stupid beings who are only protesting, blaming others instead of working &giving solution.

Best Regard
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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Re:How To Make Formula 1 Racing Better, Fairer & More Interesting

Date Posted:11-08-2020 06:35:06Copy HTML

Hello savior, I am working to make games on TempleOS to expand its appeal and use. It has helped me improve my spuritual understanding immensely. Your idea would be a great improvement to the existing formula one game, Varoom, and with your permission I would like to add it. Thank you for posting here.
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Re:How To Make Formula 1 Racing Better, Fairer & More Interesting

Date Posted:22-08-2020 01:02:46Copy HTML

No, not allowed. My ideas is reserved for real physical life event in the future.
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