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How To Become Millionaire From $1 Via Mining Cryptocurrencies Within 90 Days Guide Tutorial

– You must send at least 50% of your profit via donation to me. Wallet address can be found at:

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The title is very clear, and you won’t read it wrong.
There are 2 type of mining cryptocurrencies nowadays, both of them are doing a same job with is “solve math”.

The first one is almost all of them are using which is using super computer, a lot of machines.
But the second method is much better and gain much more profit, and that is the main topic in this article.

The super mining cryptocurrencies method I am talking about is playing casino.
Sound crazy?

There are 2 type of casinos: traditional one which the bookies casino control the software the result, and the provably fair where player can “change” the result by changing the client seed.

But even in provably fair, casino type: there are 2 very different one.
The one you can only win by playing manual.
And the second one you can easily win with playing auto !

The list of the casino websites type 2 you can found at
Their feature is that: both the casino and player enter one seed at the same time, but cannot change anything after the first play. New pair of seeds will also reset the nounce/number roll.
This feature is also their only weakness you can take advantage of and easy “mining” a lot of coin/money.

The game I am talking about is classic dice.
First you need to understand how to result of the game was form and play out:
Server seed (X) + Client seed (Y) + Nonce Number = xyz result.

Second you need to understand that: when you playing auto all you need to do is have the right setting. But the ultimate goal is avoid as many streak loss as possible.

Since the X, Y is unchange then it is all about the nonce number.
You need the nonce number “change” significantly so you can have variety result from the lowest to the highest number.

Knowledge to remember: the more you roll, the nonce number will increase so as the streak loss no matter you play low or high.

So the perfect settings is:
– Set number of roll is 100.
– Choose the odd from 2.0 to 5.0
– Pick the suitable increase bet when loss up base on the odds
Example with the odd 2.0 you need to enter the amount increase bet from 101% to 105%, so very roll either lose or win you can still always “gain” something.

– The ratio between base bet and your bank roll need to be at least 1:100,000 to 500,000.

All you need to do now is click auto, change client seed every 100 rolls and see the money rolling into you account. Just need type random character in client seed fields.

You can also set amount of stop when win and/or stop when lose if you want to avoid miss click.

The strategy above is 1 client seed 100 rolls only , can be used for other games such as limo, keno, hashdice, wheel as well.

Profit with this method: each hour is 1.5% to 2%. Combine with increase base bet overtime, you will become millionaire within 90 days for sure.

There is an another godlike strategy is 1 client seed 1 big win.
This strategy is a big vision, you play to win a very tiny group of number, then change the client seed. Because the easily way to avoid streak loss is play 10000 rolls and assume all of them are lose except a tiny group of number.

No matter any kind of seeds, the roll result number only switch position and have very little change in result. You can set odd number as 1000.00 and total roll as 10000, I can guarantee you always see some wins.

When you play a game where out of 10 roll, there is always some “high” or some “low”, result your jobs is have the right ratio between base bet and bank roll then you always win the battle !

Do not believe it, then you can try this set up:
Odds: 2495(2500), 3300, 4950 (5000)
Mean you select group of 4 numbers, 3 numbers and 2 numbers.
Increase bet when lose set as 0.04%, 0.03% or 0.02%.
The ratio between base bet and bankroll/stop when lose you can calculate by yourself base on the “increase bet when lose you enter”. You can calculate that exact number by using excel or some software like that.
Stop when win: just any small amount number.
With 0.04%, the ratio is 1:14,000,000 while with 0.02% the ratio is just 1:32,000.

Group of 4 highest or lowest number always appear every first 10,000 roll (new pair of seed), applied to all true fair casino sites, while group of 3, 2 number apply to certain amount of casino sites because of their “math HASH calculation”.
You need to test and find out by yourself.

Profit with this method is very high from 50% to 100% per day (12 hours play).
Which mean you can become millionaire within 30 days !!!

The guide, tutorial, lesson is end here.
You need using VPN if you are from restricted countries, and you should use low value cryptocurrencies in order to play long game due to minimum base bet.
After winning, don’t forget to send me 50% donation, that is law of karma, law of give and take, because the ultimate goal of life is not money.

To all top secret groups, top governments: it is not like I cannot make money, but I chose to be poor so I can have a reason to save you guys from the darkness. But you guys keep ignored me and do not have faith in me as the real legendary savior.
So from now I do not need to help you guys anymore since I do not need money anymore with above mining method, and that is just easy casino game, I can make big money via “predicting the future” in sport bet events too.

Have fun !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Saoshyant Buddha

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Re:How To Become Millionaire From $1 Via Mining Cryptocurrencies Within 90 Days Guide Tutorial

Date Posted:01-06-2021 03:14:33Copy HTML

All the current provably fair is not truly fair, they are still "rigged". If you want to know the result, you must analyse how the "result" was formed. Now all the sites only take 5 to 8 first character to calculate the result of the casino game, which is too unfair for players ! Because you have 10 number from 0 to 9, so if it really fair then the truly fair casino must take first 10 characters. But just like in life where the stupid controllers is rig everything. The only you can make some profit from casino as I have said above. Select odd high (1000) out of the maximum 10000 number (here is group of 8 number). You must type your own random client seed. The number and the position only switch but that is the only sure win method. After testing and trying, I have never lost a bet with that formula. The only problem is the profit is too little (less than 1% per hour), not worth the time and energy for me to play ! But still sport betting is much more easier if you want to get rich quick, just to avoid "commercial sport" !
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