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Date Posted:25-05-2020 12:46:07Copy HTML

How The Chinese Communist Party Will Lose Their Influence, End In2020

Do you know a secret of China, Vietnam & Asia nations in general?
Do you know that the Chinese Communist Party is just a puppet organization but the real controller are the loser ancient families behind.
And those loser ancient families behind was and are chasing for the stupid gemstone, cultivate “divine,cosmic energy” in the 9 level of ascension according to Taoism.Even if you can enter level 1, you will able to live to 200 years old already, and 400 years old for level 2, etc.

I am not hereto debate for it is only for stupid beings with big ego and small mind set.
I am not here to criticise the CCP for they are just the puppet group.
But the time for the CCP to end is here, in 2020.

There are only 2 ways for the CCP to end:
- 1 is via chaos mode(natural disasters) where big dams will collapse & super volcano erupt.
- 2 is via safe landing mode where happy ending and like what I have said in the previous posts.
There is no any other option !

Every single human is a potential powerful Gods, that is the unwritten rule of this world this civilization. Every entities tried to “control” will always collapse no matter who they are.

Life in 2020 is still much “better” than life in many thousand years ago.
It is not time for using weapon forces or trying to control people, it is time to use powerful mindset.

Do not crying, blaming,if you want to win over the CCP you must use counter attack and knowledge. Or in other words, all you need to do is just publish and send my articles to the stupid entities.

Frankly, it is just waste of time and do not have many meaning for me to post this article just like the “rich” do not give a dam fuk about the“poor”. But I just shared here and hopfully some group of people can study and learn something.

The Savior

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