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Date Posted:09-01-2021 04:19:12Copy HTML

How A New Business Model Can Easily Destroy Big Tech Companies Like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Alibaba

All kind of business model have their own weakness, even with the “media buff”.
It is sad to see the “middle man” tech company have their huge influence to the society.
So today as the Savior, I will tell you their weakness and how to defeat, destroy their business easily.

Here are list of big tech companies weakness:

1. Work as a middleman service, not the original product creators.
2. Do not have public direct connection with national governments.
3. Completely closed source software.
4. Spying, listening,collecting people data without their awareness.
5. Take almost all the profit, do not share it to users.

That is their big weakness, you can easily defeat and destroy those big tech company no matter how the mainstream media is buffering them.

Example of a new fair tech company:
1. Open source offline, close source online
Any entities wish to check/verify the source code can go to the company office and verify by themselves, while the online code will be closed to maximum security. Here including all kind of authority, government,media.

2. Sharing at least 90-99% net profit with users
It can be done with some methods like issue limited tokens base on total number of users, then force  any companies want to promote buy those tokens. And at the end of each quarter/year, issue it to the users base on various factor such as the time spending, where they come from to match with the advertise local companies, etc. Take little profit may be 1-5% to maintain the company.

3. Transparency of data collecting and selling to the advertisers
4. Have 2 versions: 1 is collecting user data and 1 is do not collecting anything, let’s users to choose
5. Try to get some endorsement with the authority about the fairness of the system

That is some basic features will help you easily destroy the big tech giant companies.
It is to stupid to let the middle man to take all the profit while the content creator/contributor got next to nothing.

Everything always have their own weakness.
If you want to know more about how to defeat system, then make the donation and speak to me, I will tell you the solution and the methods.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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