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Date Posted:11-09-2020 04:49:43Copy HTML

God Cause Natural Catastrophe Disaster Climate Change To Wake Up Humans

You should ask yourself one question: what is your default result of your life?
Live forever or will die in the future?
The answer for most if not all of you is dead.

All kind of natural catastrophe disaster events such as earthquake, tsunami, typhoon, volcano eruption, etc. is just a wake up call from God to remind humans to find their true identity.

That statement is too virtual and spirituality, many of you will calling it as a bullshit one.
Climate Change on Earth happened for million years, not just few thousands or hundred years till now.

What is “God” here mean, is totally up to each one of you to believe.

The Bible already said human is God, but most if not all of you do not believe that, then as a savior I cannot teach and explain it to you guys. That is each individual duty.

You live your life, I live my life.
Your default life result is dead, that is the fact not theory !

Now if you want to change that destiny and live longer, then you must listen to me and have your own experiments, there is no other choice, no other option.

If you still think the Savior must appear in your front eyes and give you free lunch, then you do not understand the first page of the Bible.

Or you can continue to “dream” and wait your theory savior till dead, that is your choice.

The Climate Change Natural Disaster do not have pattern or any single true cause.
There are many deities on Earth who can easily stop the ice melting, or do whatever super ability to stop Climate Change Global Warming.
But since the connection of humanity with them are too low if no connection at all, that why they are not going to save humanity from natural catastrophe disaster.

I am not threatening “default death” people/beings, because you guys already dead in mindset.
I only give you hope and tell you what is coming in your life.
Whether you trust, believe, listen is your own decision, your own result.

But that is not allowed because humanity do not have faith in the Infinite God, do not have faith in the savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha.

All what I am trying to telling and helping you,your personal world is just like pay back the karma I have received from the neutral Earth School Stadium. And that will off in a week, I am done and finish my duty.

In the near future, some nations will gone and disappear because you guys do not listen tome.
To some points there is no choice left, you guys will have to admit the savior is real and listen, follow my order, command just like what many ancient prophecies has predicted, but that will be ugly sad result for many of you.

My deadline is still till September15th 2020 15-09-2020 at forum
There is some days left to change your decision and change your destiny.
Stop your big ego and illusion life and act like stupid kids.
If words cannot wake up humanity then only option left is real life suffering through mega natural catastrophe disaster events.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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