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Date Posted:24-08-2020 01:22:46Copy HTML

Gautama Buddha Only Archive The Eternal Nirvana State Because Of Changing Diet, Life Style

The most valuable teaching from the Gautama Buddha is not any of philosophy, words, stories.
But it is his road way of how to get into that eternal nirvana state.
You need to study carefully about this subject if you want to have abetter life, better understanding about what is a nirvana state.

Remember, he was born in a royal family with all kind of wealth most people can dream of.
Then he gave up and go to find the “eternal nirvana state”.

What does it say to you?
It says that he did give up his life style and try something new.

Later he had tried and changed diet. From fasting no eating no drinking, to eating a little bit.
And finally only after he has reached the Nirvana State and fully understanding about life, he again changed it again.

Remember the teaching seed and sorrow, stop listening to those stupid people who said do not fast, or eat less because the “eternal Buddha” did not do that. The story has 2 parts: 1 is before and 2 is after Buddha was born.

Many people focus on his philosophy,stories cannot fully understand about life, because life exist beyond language, and you can only know everything by your own personal experience.
You cannot archive nirvana state by just“remembering” words like many school subjects.

To sum it up for you to understand: you must change your diet and life style if you want to live to 300-400 years or even more is have better chance to archive nirvana state.

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Best Regard,
The Savior Maitreya Buddha

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