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Date Posted:11-01-2020 08:18:10Copy HTML

The full detail will be revealed once all the payout of the 1 million BTC Bitcoin is all sent.

Application Time: 20 Weeks (140 days).

Requirement: 1 person 1 application. Robot, machines, etc. are not allowed.

Payout: After the application time finished.

Payout Schedule: 8 Seasons from 2021 to 2028.

One Season Include:

3 months: Bitcoin.

3 months: Ethereum.

6 months: Rest.

Payout Priority:

The order will be random no matter you join soon or late.

But you will get priority to get paid sooner if you only enter only one Bitcoin wallet but not the Ethereum one.

Application Form:


Bitcoin Wallet:

Ethereum Wallet:

What nation you were born?



Repeat The Sounding Joy,

Repeat The Sounding Joy,

Repeat, Repeat The Sounding Joy,

Repeat, Repeat The Sounding Joy.



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