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Date Posted:07-01-2020 03:05:07Copy HTML

This is an open non-censored discussion forum, free for all, but there still some rules here:

As a host, I promised:
- Never collect email, IP, signature energy, follower, donation or anything from all of you.
You can use temporary email, proxy, VPN or whatever you prefer. I only care about your action, your post, your content in this forum.

You must post in correct box.

This forum do not allow:
- Advertise any website have any kind of commercial like donation, email seeker, follower, etc.

- Spam, hacking or any kind of "stupid" things and stuffs.

- Buy/sell/trade anything here.

So everybody here must respect each other, everything here is free to post, free to listen, free to study, free to discuss.

Nobody is allowed to influence/seeking something from others.

Remember again, do not play words here, I will judge by action, so never said the rule never said this or that. While you clearly violate universal law of "respect each other". My forum my creation my rule.


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