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Date Posted:09-03-2020 02:07:49Copy HTML

Doing Urine Test Is The Best Method To Find Out Who Get Infected With New Corona Virus NCOV COVID-19 SARS-COV-2

The most quickest and safest way to find out who get infected with the new corona virus COVID-19 is do the urine test.

The truth is that the current positive negative test are crap and look more like a scam, out-of-date methods.

The restrict travel ban from other nations or quarantine people 14 days are just waste of time and it cannot solve the root problem. But only to chaos more economy and life damage & chaos.

Why I said that?

First, what if the new corona virus reside and/or merge with undetected location in human body like liver, lung, borne, etc. ?

Second, by taking a very small portion of blood you can only tell that position have corona virus NCOV or not , but what if the blood in other location have the new corona virus NCOV, then you cannot tell.

That is the very possibility and the most explanation theory why people who have “recovered” but still able to get infected. And why people get negative test receive one day, but receive positive test the day after.

The virus or diseases name is just a name only, if you want to treat and self-control you must treat with symptom inside body, ignore all the stupid test. For even if you know the test result, then what? Have any drug able to “cure” the new corona virus or HIV or cancer, etc. Instantly? No !!!

But if you have to make a test to find out who get disease who get NCOV COVID-19, then the best way & method is doing the Urine Test.

If you can doing urine test with doping in sport, then there is no any reason why you cannot do it with the NCOV COVID-19. The only question is what chemicals or what machine test will be used.

That job is for the group with money like governments, international organization, not mine.

Imagine if you can test to check who get infected with the NCOV COVID-19 with urine only within 15 minutes or almost instantly, then life would be more easier.

I highly recommend you stop taking and doing any stupid test with blood, but instead take care your body with symptoms, disease name is just a name to make fear and to scare you.

There is no any drug vaccine able to deal with many diseases yet for each people body are not the same, only you can save you, the best doctor of you is you only.

Best Regard,
The Savior

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